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NetworkManager: Start script only on certain connections

I backup my laptop using Syncoid from the Sanoid package to my homeserver. Because I don’t want to do this manually (e.g. forget it), I was looking for a way to automate the whole thing. A systemd-timer seems like a simple solution at first, but the system is not online all the time and also switches between networks. Also my backup destination is not accessible from the outside without VPN. So I need a solution which only runs if the laptop connects to the home network....

April 17, 2021 · Jan Brand

Fritzbox Recovery

For testing purpose i have an old Fritz!Box 7360 flashed with OpenWRT. For $reasons I needed to reflash the original firmware. Unfortunaly the Recovery tool didn’t work with my model, because it used to be provider branded by EWE. There is a rebranded Version of the tool by EWE, but this didn’t work either. So i researched a little and it turns out you can flash the firmware manually via the ADAM bootloader, just like OpenWRT....

January 17, 2021 · Jan Brand

Icinga 2 satellite setup

Introduction A Icinga 2 satellite is very useful to monitor external remote networks that are not directly accessible from the master server. The Icinga 2 documentation clearly describes the master->satellite->client setup, but (hopefully) nowadays you use Icinga Director for the configuration management. This raised a question for me: How to configure it and especially where. Define the zones in the Icinga core config? Director? Custom config which is shipped via the fileshipper?...

December 17, 2020 · Jan Brand

Homenetwork rebuild

Recently I moved and need to rethink my rack and network solution. Previously my server and the main switch lived in my IKEA Oppli TV-Bench, which was already showing its age. I used a Mikrotik CSS326-24G-2S+RM which is a very capable switch for the price, but unfortunaly don’t have PoE (For 120€ also a little too much asked). (At the time) my only PoE device was my Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Pro which I powered via the included injector....

December 16, 2020 · Jan Brand